Strategic Planning

  • Work with clients to identify Strategic Objectives, Goals and Timelines
  • Assist with Market Research/Demographics for optimal site of service placement.
  • Determine the financial feasibility and projected viability of developing, acquiring, or expanding surgery or imaging centers, medical practices, or integrated delivery services.
  • “Quick Look” Abbreviated Business Plan for service line or business viability analysis.
  • Comprehensive Business Plans Suitable for Financing RFP’s or Applications
    • Land and site development or real estate purchase
    • Architectural Development, Design and Construction
    • Fixed and Movable equipment
    • Estimated Volumes and Related Reimbursement
    • Information and Communication Systems
    • Construction, Equipment and Working Capital Loans Amortization Estimates
    • HR-Staffing and Benefit Expenses
    • Operational Expenses

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Merger & Acquisition negotiations with physicians or group practices, hospitals, or other stakeholders
  • Project Manage Due Diligence Processes
  • Finalize Terms and work with Attorneys to develop
    • Articles of Organization or Amended Articles
    • Partnership Documents, including, if needed, Private Placement Memorandums (PPM’s),
    • Due Diligence Requests for Acquisitions or Valuations
    • Operating Agreements
  • Assist with New or Existing Board Development

Facility Design and Development

  • Recommend or assist in choosing experienced Healthcare Architectural Firms
  • Work with Architects to Design and Develop Facility
    • Initial Space Programming
    • Work with Physicians and Architects on Schematic Design to Optimize Efficiency/Work Flow
    • Attend Construction Administration Meetings
    • Assist with fixed and movable equipment placement and storage.

Business & Financial Operations

  • dentify, evaluate and/or recommend appropriate business, financial, and patient scheduling software.
  • Recommend Staffing Levels
  • Assist in set up of Business Office, Payroll and Financial Systems

Clinical Operations, Medical Records & Compliance

  • Identify, evaluate and/or recommend appropriate clinical documentation software (EMR/EHR)
  • Set up Provider Credentialing Systems and Processes
  • Oversee preparations for Licensure/Accreditation Inspections
  • Initial or Periodic Staff Training in Operational Efficiency and Compliance
  • Customized Policies and Procedures to meet Federal, State and Accreditation Requirements
  • Assist with Applications to State, Federal & Accrediting Bodies for Licensure/Certification

Payor Contracting

  • Identify Payors in Marketplace
  • Negotiate or Assist with Negotiating Payor Contracts

Creation of Facility Web Site*

  • Facility Identity
  • On-line Scheduling Access for Physicians and/or patients
  • On-line Admission Paperwork